International Shipping – A Happy Customer Shares his Experience

“Pipe dreams can come true” says Karan, who has been hunting for a great pair of eyeglasses for a long time and with ManyShip his dream has come true.

It all started one day when he stumbled upon a pair of glasses at an online store. He fell in love with them instantly and wanted to buy them. However, the store did not ship internationally.

“Long story cut short, shipped is the very keyword that landed me on the website of ManyShip,” says Karan who discovered about us when he was trying to find a way to get his eyeglasses shipped.

We were really excited when Karan wrote a wonderful article about how he made his dream of owning perfect glasses come true. Below is the picture of his longtime dream – a pair of D&G frames (Karan ended up buying just the frames).Internationally shipped frames

Read the entire article below.

Pipe dreams can come true! Yes, the dreams have indeed come true for a person entranced with the desire to find the best pair of glasses. After hunting through the web for a pair of glasses I finally found the one that I was looking for, but the joy was cut short when I discovered that they were not available anywhere in my country.

When you wish for something, you have to work for it and I was no different. The quest began, and I started to look for ways to get the frames shipped.

Long story cut short, shipped is the very keyword that landed me on the website of ManyShip and to my surprise it promised to ship anything (that is legally transportable) from anywhere to everywhere via travelers. All I needed was to post a request on their website and pay for the shipment, and the rest was taken care of by the ever present ManyShip team.

It will be an understatement to say that the ManyShip team was helpful! They diligently communicated with me and the traveler to ensure safe and on time delivery of my frames. I must admit that the support from them has been extraordinary. As they say – save your best for the last, and the best part of the story is yet to be told. ManyShip enables travelers to earn money simply by sharing the space in their bags and carrying items. Yes you heard it right – you may carry items while you travel and get paid.

Needless to say, the idea behind ManyShip has been a revolution. For anyone looking to deal with ManyShip in the future, their support team works like a family and now that I have my frames, I can call myself a happy ‘ManyShipper’!! :)”

Thanks for sharing a wonderful article, Karan, and enjoy the new frames.

ManyShip is a trusted peer-to-peer network of travelers and senders. Senders buy things online and get them shipped with the travelers. ManyShip enables fast and cheap international shipping.
Disclaimer: Names of people in this article have been changed to protect their privacy.

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  • Mark Leach

    It is always nice to hear about a positive experience. I think that this will help a lot more people when they are making the decision to place an international order or not. I would consider international shipping after reading this.