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According to a recent blog post by a premier tech blog in India, TheTechIndian, ManyShip enables it’s members to ship things internationally with people traveling that way.

In the past few months ManyShip has seen a lot of coverage in the press.  TheTechIndian focused on how we are enabling electronic-gadget lovers in India to ship their favorite goods from US to India.  The blog post says that

Indians are no strangers to getting fancy items from foreign countries, especially from the US. Travelers return from trips from the US with bursting bags full of gifts for family and friends. It is not only the low price of the gifts, but also their availability in US stores only that attracts buyers to buy the foreign goods.

The article talks about how someone in India could purchase an iPhone 5 in the US stores and conveniently get it shipped to their place with people who plan on traveling that way . The buyer gets the electronic gadget of their choice, the iPhone 5, and the traveler makes additional money during their travel. It is a win-win for both the buyers and the travelers.

The article further highlights on the safety of such a transaction. It says

ManyShip has built many features such as public-profiles, rating and reviews, secure payments and responsive customer service to make the platform safe for conducting transactions (find the complete list of safety features here). Some common sense and due diligence will go a long way and you can truly unleash the power of this community to shop and ship from anywhere in the world.

Read the full article here: Silicon Valley tech startup enables you to ship things internationally with people like you

ManyShip is a website for people to provide or seek shipping services. It is a “peer to peer shipping platform” that connects people needing to send or receive things (“senders”) with travelers who have extra space (“takers”). The result is simple, faster, greener, social and cost-effective shipping for senders, and rewards (both monetary and social) for takers.

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  • Mark Leach

    I think it is a good idea to travel and ship from the same source. It can definitely help to save companies a lot of money. I wouldn’t mind having my item shipped internationally in the hands of a traveler.