ManyShip Referral Program; How do referrals and credits work?

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ManyShip Referrals and Credits

Invite people to ManyShip by sharing your referral link through email or by posting to Facebook and Twitter! When friends and family you invite to ManyShip complete qualifying transaction, you’ll earn credits to use on your own ManyShip transactions.

  • Earn $5 when your friend completes a qualifying transaction as a sender
  • Earn $5 when your friend completes a qualifying transaction as a traveler

This means you can earn a possible credit total of $10 for each friend you refer!

qualifying transaction has a total value of $50 or more (including service fees). All transaction must be requested, paid for, and completed on the site in order to receive or redeem credits. That means you’ll receive your credits after the completion date of your friend’s qualifying transaction. A canceled transaction doesn’t qualify.

Your referrals need to click the link you send them and create a new ManyShip account in order for you to receive future credits. Go to your Profile page to see your current referral details.

ManyShip referral details in profile page

You may use the available credits when you submit payment for a qualifying transaction. Keep in mind that credits won’t apply to a transaction that has already been paid for, but they will be available and applied to your next transaction.

You won’t receive credits if you’re the sender or traveler on a transaction with a person you refer. Additionally, if both a sender and traveler are referred by you, you won’t receive credits if they perform a transaction with one another. Credits expire three years after they’re earned.

There’s a reward for your friends too! The friends you refer get $5 credit after they complete their first transaction of $50 or more as a ManyShip sender.

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