48 hours for 15 miles

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According to USPS website, the time to deliver a package between Sunnyvale, CA and Redwood City, CA is about 48 hours when using standard delivery option. If the package is dropped off today, June 5, after 8.00 AM then it may delivered on June 7, 2013.

Although this example is an extreme case, it sheds light on an important shortcoming of the delivery system – the delivery time frames  do not agree with the speed facilitated by existing transportation systems. For example, it may take less than hour to drive to Redwood City from Sunnyvale. Thus, we would expect the package be delivered in a much lesser time frame than what is projected on the USPS website.

ManyShip tries to uncover possibilities of resolving this disconnect. It connects people who travel, either short distance such as daily commute or long distance such as scheduled travel, with people who need to send goods.

Courtesy royalty free images at http://pixabay.com/

Sign up free now at ManyShip, post a trip and carry goods for other people, or send goods with other people when they travel. Using this platform we can realize the time frames that we think are reasonable rather than the traditional 48 hours.

What do you think? Do you feel the same way that something is amiss when 15 miles of distance needs 48 hours of time to cover?

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  • Kumar

    Makes a lot of sense. Well some people may have thoughts that it only takes 48 cents to deliver though it takes 48 hours. BUT I believe the true power of ManyShip lies in facilitating people with a platform to connect and get the packages delivered quickly and via a much more efficient and economical means so it would cost much less than the standard postal charges but yet be delivered 10 times faster. Good thought and a nice article. Like it !

    • http://manyship.wordpress.com ManyShip – Many Possibilities!

      Thanks for the comment, Kumar. We have taken to granted that standard delivery is 2 days or more, even when it only takes few hours to travel to that place. Perhaps it is time to try out newer ways such as ManyShip to realize better results.

  • Michelle

    It shows the efficiency of ManyShip versus the paradoxical inefficiency of bigger shipping companies. A package may arrive faster when a traveler delivers it than the traditional shipping companies. Fantastic article!

    • http://manyship.wordpress.com ManyShip – Many Possibilities!

      Thanks, Michelle. With the huge amounts of trust we build in social networks and increased travel we do, either by commuting or going to places, we can build smarter travel networks that will address the paradoxical inefficiency. ManyShip attempts to leverage the trust and travel that already exists and connect people who can help each other with their shipping needs.