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Naresh's feedback
We love hearing your feedback – either good or bad. Though we are more interested in hearing what is missing and what features you would like to have in the product, occasionally we would be glad to hear good things. Here’s Naresh’s feedback about what we do good. We sincerely thank him for his time and valuable insights.

ManyShip is one of those sites where you can surely help others and make some money for yourself at the same time, a combo effect that is absolutely amazing.

Few aspects of ManyShip that caught my attention are:

1. Manyship site is designed with users in mind. So it is very user friendly. Moreover, the purpose of the site is very well illustrated in a short video that you can find on the very first page. (I suggest every user to watch the video before getting started)

2. Registration is extremely easy – you can register using Facebook, so you don’t have to spend time filling up your personal details.

3. One great feature I found was to view the “trust score”. You can view the score with the other person who is placing an order. You can take the score into consideration and decide whether to accept the order or deny it.

4. Another question that can come up is:
a. Whether the items that I accept to carry are safe?
b. Whether the items are legal to carry?

The answer to these questions is “Yes”. All the items that user will carry and deliver are absolutely safe and legal, because user gets a chance to personally review the items that he would carry & deliver, by unpacking and re-packing them!

5. You can refer your friends and get rewarded for referrals too! Yes it proves its worth again..!!

In summary, I personally recommend every user out there, who is making a trip to sign-up with Manyship and to make the most out of their trip. It makes travelling more beneficial.

Here is my referral link –
Please Go ahead and click on the aforementioned link and sign up.

Last but not the least, thanks to Prasad Kopanati, the founder of Manyship, for coming up with such a fresh and brilliant idea. Wish you luck.

-Naresh R A
(ManyShip user)


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  • Neha Puri

    I need to send a laptop to new Delhi from Jefferson City (Missouri) in a span pf 15 days.

    • manyship

      Neha, thanks for your interest in ManyShip. The earliest trip we have to New Delhi is few weeks away. Please check it out here;

      However, we suggest you to post a request on ManyShip. Once you add a request, system automatically sends alerts to other members that may carry your laptop. In the mean time, we will send you potential matches.

  • Girija

    I need to send a tablet from San francisco to Bangalore India in a span of 10-15 days. Sooner the better.