What is ManyShip?

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ManyShip is an online community of trusted travelers and senders

At ManyShip, we make sending or receiving things to or from your loved ones simple, cost-effective, quick, reliable, safe and personal.

Let’s say you have a pair of jeans to send to your family back home. You can use the traditional shipping companies such as USPS to send them. You will most likely pay more and wait for a longer period of time to receive the jeans.

Jeans and money

On the other hand, on ManyShip you can find someone who is traveling to the same place and request them to carry your things. You get personalized and fast shipping for low price. ManyShip has various features, as described here, to make the transaction safe and secure. By simply using common sense and doing your due diligence, you can use ManyShip to send or receive things quickly, less expensively, reliably, safely and personally.

Send or receive things on ManyShip

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