Your summer travel may earn you up to $250 with ManyShip

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ManyShip offers a great opportunity for students, business travelers and leisure travelers to earn money and in turn discount their upcoming travel. Here’s a chance to earn up to $250 by following these three simple steps:

Sign up for ManyShip and enter your itinerary
Sign up is free and takes less than 60 seconds.

Post your trip – enter your travel dates and cities. You can optionally set a price.
Add new trip on ManyShip

Accept requests from senders
You will receive requests to carry things from other members (senders) such as the one shown below. Review the request carefully and seek additional information by using the “Ask Sender” option.
View and Accept a Request in ManyShip

We take your safety and security very seriously. In fact, your safety and security are our #1 priority. From open package policy, which allows you to open the package and verify the contents, to standard trust features such as ratings, reviews and secure payments you get the necessary information that will help you to take an informed decision. Read more about our trust and safety features here.

Moreover, we have partnered with the Stanford researchers to show you the “trust score” that you share with the sender.
Trust Score between Sender and Traveler on ManyShip

Equipped with this information, you decide whether to accept the request or reject it. You have no obligation what so ever to accept and or carry the things for other members.

Carry things and deliver them (or arrange for a delivery)
After accepting the request, you coordinate with the sender to get the things into your possession. There are three different ways to get the things from the sender as shown below:
How to get the things from a sender on ManyShip

At this time, ManyShip collects the payment from the sender so you don’t have to worry about it.

You simply pack the things in your bags, carry them with you and deliver them at the destination (or have them picked up by the sender’s party). Please remember that you are responsible for any customs duty tax as per applicable law. You may discuss about the customs duty tax value with the sender and include the tax amount (if any) into your total price. You can find an example of applicable customs duty tax here.

Once you deliver the things, we will deposit the payment into your bank account or send you a check, after deducting a small transaction fee. You can read more about how the payments work in our FAQ – How and When do I get Paid.

So, why wait? Use the space in your bags and make up to $250 by carrying 50 pounds at $5 per pound.

Sign up now and get rewarded.
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