By Suraj Kancharla

Ship with ManyShip Valentine's Dy

Want to surprise your girl or guy with an extra special gift this valentine’s day? You probably want something so special that it has to be imported from somewhere else across the globe.


If so and if you aren’t sure what to get or where to get, check out this list- it has exotic items sold exclusively in stores in the USA.


Even if you live elsewhere in the world, don’t you worry. You can simply use ManyShip’s service to get these products delivered to your city. Currently, ManyShip is serving major cities across India and Canada.


So, why wait? Start your shopping spree and get them delivered to your city using ManyShip’s delivery service.


Top 5 picks for Him

1. Uniqlo’s Men’s extra fine cotton broadcloth printed long sleeve shirt, a perfect fit is guaranteed. Visit the website and explore more options. They have even got a great upbeat clothing line.uniqlo-shirt


2. Adidas Men’s Suede Stan Smith Sneakers, classic tennis sneakers from adidas Originals. Available on Urban outfitters with 3 different colors to choose from. The leather and rubber combination assures comfort and fit all around.

Ship Adidas Shoes via ManyShip3. L’Homme Libre Eau de Toilette from Yves Saint Laurent, top notes of basil and violet leaf enhanced by sharp spicy notes of nutmeg and pink pepper create a burst of freshness to create a trail of masculine sensuality.

Ship L'Homme Libre Eau de Toilette via ManyShip


4. Fossil’s Nate analog-digital Black Stain, stainless steel watch, paired with an uber cool construction with a top of the line duel analog digital movement. This is the right time to buy this black metal, inky dial styled high performance watch for valentine’s day (pun intended!)


Ship Fossil’s Nate analog-digital Black Stain via ManyShip


5. Olympus Air A 01, an open platform camera to capture those perfect memories that without the hassle of carrying bulky bags with several expensive equipment. The quality of this little monster is quite amazing, you can capture photos/videos using a smartphone and get those selfies picture perfect (we all know most front camera selfies are horrendous!)


Ship via ManyShip this Olympus Air A 01 Ship using ManyShip Olympus Air A 01 for iPhone

Top 5 picks for her 

Here are some quality picks carefully selected for beautiful, intelligent and independent women, who like to explore creative designs and express with style. I’m pretty sure your girlfriend fits and sits in the same bracket – so here are a few latest fads straight from the US.


1. Urban Outfitter’s Women’s Reversible Vegan Leather Tote bag, 9 different color styles to choose from and a detachable matching zip pouch included. She would definitely love this, as she always likes to carry the world with her.

Ship via ManyShip Reversible Vegan Leather Tote bag International shipping Reversible Vegan Leather Tote bag


2. Anthropologie’s two-tone Remi dress, an experimental style from the famous design house, Weston. She is definitely going to be surprised with this unique multi-layered dress complementing the occasion.

Ship Remi dress via ManyShip Ship internationally Remi dress Remi dress


3. Riva Turbo X, top of the line portable external speakers for all you music lovers out there. Get going on those grovy tunes without a break (26+ hours of playback) with a maximum output of 100 dB on Turbo mode. This loud speaker is doubled with noise & echo cancellation technology to isolate yourself and immerse.

Shipping via ManyShip Riva Turbo X,


4. Daniel Wellington’s women’s Classic St. Mawes 36mm, part of a flagship classic collection, with a flawless round and simple design paired with a classy leather band and an elegant casing. A good fit for all occasions and an interchangable stylish strap you can pair up with for your vogue statement.

Shop women’s Classic St. Mawes 36mm Ship via ManyShip women’s Classic St. Mawes 36mm


5. Sephora’s Eau So Luxe Perfume Sampler, six different perfumes in this pack to suit every occasion. Your girlfriend would seriously appreciate this gift, and you end up not facing the deadly predicament of choosing from a wide variety. This pack contains all the best sellers by Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Philosophy Amazing and a few more.

Ship Sephora via ManyShip

I hope that this post helps you find the perfect gift on your quest to surprise your loved ones. Shop these whacky, interesting and one-off gifts and get them delivered via ManyShip. These gifts are currently available only in the US stores. Shop and get it shipped to your home town in India and Canada using ManyShip.


Have fun shopping and spread the love…




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Should I buy an iPhone 6S in the US and ship it to India?

By Prasad Kopanati
on Nov 8, 2015 at 11.15AM


Now that the iPhone 6S has officially launched in both India and the US, you might wonder whether you should buy the phone in the US or in India.


As you might have noticed, the phone’s retail price is much lower in US stores. But are there hidden costs associated with buying from these stores? What are the options for shipping a phone bought in the US to India?


In this blog post, I’ll try to answer these questions by discussing the options you have for buying the latest iPhone in the US, and the costs you might incur when doing so.


After reading this post, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision on whether to buy your new phone in the US or in India.


Let’s get started!


First, let’s look at the retail price of the product.


Retail Pricing
The US retail prices of an iPhone 6S are $649, $749 and $849 for the 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models respectively.


The prices of the iPhone 6S Plus are $749, $849 and $949 for the 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models respectively.


In India, prices start at Rs 62,000 ($954) for a iPhone 6S 16GB version. They increase to Rs 72,000 ($1108) for a 64GB model and to Rs 82,000 ($1262) for a 128GB model.

Model Price in USA ($) Price in India (INR)
iPhone 6S 16GB 649 62K (~ $954)
iPhone 6S 64GB 749 72K (~ $1108)
iPhone 6S 128GB 849 82K (~ $1262)

The price of a 6S Plus is Rs 72,000 ($1108), Rs 82,000 ($1262) and Rs 92,000 ($1415) for the 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variants respectively. (1 USD = 65 INR).

Model Price in USA ($) Price in India (INR)
iPhone 6S Plus 16GB 749 72K (~ $1108)
iPhone 6S Plus 64GB 849 82K (~ $1262)
iPhone 6S Plus 128GB 949 92K (~ $1415)

The prices in US are lower compared to prices in India. However, you may incur other costs for shipping, insurance, and import duty & taxes. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

Shipping and insurance

To understand the shipping costs, let’s look at the various shipping methods. There are three shipping methods:


1) Ask a friend to carry: Ship using a friend or family member who travels from the US to India.
2) Ask a friend to do an international mail: Ask a friend to mail it to your address in India.
3) ManyShip: Find carry-heroes on ManyShip.


From our research, the 1st and 3rd options are the most convenient and cost-effective ways to ship to India. I will discuss these options in greater detail, and discuss the 2nd option only briefly.

Ask a friend or family member to carry the phone

If you know someone who’s planning a trip to India, your best bet is to contact them and ask them to carry the phone back for you.


You simply buy the phone at a US online store and ship it to your friend at their home or work address.


The costs you incur will be the retail price of the phone, plus (possibly)  the sales tax of the US state your friend or family member resides in.


If your friend lives in Oregon, Delaware, New Hampshire, or Alaska, you’ll pay zero sales tax on your device.


One major advantage with this option is that you get free shipping (though you may want to reward your friend for a job well done!).


In addition, you can avoid import duty and taxes by having your friend bring the device in to India as his or her personal item.


A word of caution: the Indian customs authorities are tightening the rules on importing iPhone 6S phones.


Sambit Satpathy wrote an excellent article on how Indian customs authorities are increasing scrutiny on importing iPhone 6S models. The piece is worth a read.


Entrusting a friend or family member with your phone may be a great option, as you can save a lot of money.


The major cost to you is the retail price of the iPhone or slightly more, depending on whether you pay sales tax (and whether you reward your buddy).


If option 1 won’t work for you, it’s still possible to leverage your contacts and ask them to mail the phone to you using a shipping company such as FedEx, USPS, DHL, or another similar firm.

Ask a friend or family member to mail the phone

The second option is to find a friend who can ship it to you at your address in India. Anil Gupta wrote a great article on how to use this option, and discusses in detail the various costs of shipping an iPhone from USA to India via FedEx.


Mani Karthik’s article on how to shop in USA and get it in India is an excellent read too. If either option 1 or 2 won’t work for you, then you can leverage the 3rd option of using Manyship.


I believe the 3rd option of using ManyShip is the most convenient, cost-effective and simple option.


Use ManyShip to shop in the USA and ship to India
ManyShip eliminates the inconvenience, reduces shipping costs, and makes it extremely easy to shop in US and ship to India. You also know the total cost up front (including the duty and taxes – yay!).


Simply put, it’s like shopping at a US online store and shipping to your address in India. This is a unique feature of ManyShip. Let’s look at the good things about ManyShip.


You simply pay for the product by browsing ManyShip’s catalog, add it to the cart and get it delivered to your home. ManyShip has an exhaustive catalog of products that you can shop from.


In fact, you can find on ManyShip’s site any product that you can find on Amazon.com (just one caveat though, that ManyShip may filter few products that do not fit the international delivery guidelines or size limitations).


Contrary to the other 2 options where you have to invest a lot of your time and money, your shopping experience is totally simplified using ManyShip.

Simple Shipping + Insurance Costs

ManyShip’s shipping cost structure is super simple (do you love the KISS principle as we do?). So you normally pay shipping costs between $49 and $299.

Weight (lbs) Cost ($)
0.1 lbs – 2 lbs 49
2.1 lbs – 4 lbs 69
4.1 lbs – 9 lbs 89
9.1 lbs – 15 lbs 99
15.1 lbs – Above 299

Transparency and Clarity
You will know the total cost of the product before you buy – the total cost includes the shipping + insurance, customs duty and taxes, and handling charges. You don’t get any price related surprises at a later stage.


As shown in the chart below, ManyShip calculates the final price. (BTW, as you can see in the chart, regardless of the iPhone model you choose, it’s cheaper to buy in the US using ManyShip and ship to India than to buy directly in stores in India)

Model Retail price in USA ($) Sales tax (@ 6%) ($) Shipping +Insurance ($) Import duty + taxes ($) Total price in USA ($) Total price in India ($) Total savings ($)
iPhone 6S 16GB 649 39 49 101 838 954 116
iPhone 6S 64GB 749 45 49 115 958 1108 150
iPhone 6S 128GB 849 51 49 130 1079 1262 183
iPhone 6S Plus 16GB 749 45 69 118 981 1108 127
iPhone 6S Plus 64GB 849 51 69 132 1101 1262 161
iPhone 6S Plus 128GB 949 57 69 146 1221 1415 194


With these advantages in using ManyShip, let’s look at the costs when using ManyShip.


With ManyShip, there are 2 different costs in addition to the product price:
1) The cost for shipping and insurance
2) The import duty and taxes


Shipping and Insurance
The shipping and insurance cost is $49 for all iPhone 6S models, and $69 for all iPhone 6S Plus models. Yes, it’s that simple!


Import duty and taxes
The import duty and taxes calculation is slightly complicated, so bear with me. (We did not make them complicated – these taxes and fees are mandated by the Government authorities.)


As shown in the image below, import duties and taxes are based on the retail price of the product, shipping cost, insurance, handling charges and associated charges incidental to delivery of the goods. (Source: Duty Calculator)




Let’s use an example and calculate the relevant import duty and taxes. The table below shows the calculation details for an iPhone 6S 64GB.

Seq. Description Value ($)
1 Retail Price (C) 749.00
2 Insurance and Freight (IF) 49.00
3 Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) 798.00
4 Duty (D) (0% of CIF) 0.00
5 Landing Charges (LC) (1% of CIF) 7.98
6 Countervailing Duty (CVD) (12.5% of (CIF + D + LC)) 100.75
7 CEX (Education & Higher Education CESS) (3% of CVD) 3.02
8 CESS (3% of (D + CEX + CVD)) 3.11
9 Additional Countervailing Duty (0% of (CIF + D + LC + CVD + CESS + CEX)) 0.00
10 Total import duty and taxes 114.86
11 Sales tax 45.00
12 Total product price including shipping, insurance, duty & taxes 957.86


Okay, let’s demystify the numbers.


Numbers 1 and 2 are self-explanatory – they are the retail price and shipping + insurance costs. Number 3 is the sum of the retail price, shipping and insurance, collectively called the CIF.


All other calculations are based on CIF. Numbers 4 to 9 are specific calculations based on the product and country.


Number 10 equals the total duty and taxes for the product and country. Number 11 is the total price, including import duty and taxes on the phone.


So you’ll pay a total of approximately $958 for buying an iPhone 6S 64GB in the US and shipping it to India.


Just compare this price with the total price of $1108 that you have to pay in Indian store. You save about $150 by buying from the US.


However, there’s one more important consideration: the product warranty.


According to various sources on the internet, the warranty on an iPhone is not applicable when the product is bought in one country and used in India.


This Quora article has various references to the warranty issue from real people who bought an iPhone in the US and used it in India. (Read the comments from various members, especially the comments by Raghu Venkataraman.)


In summary, buying an iPhone in the US and shipping it to India seems like a fine choice when you look at the numbers alone.


In each case, you can realize hundreds of dollars in savings. However, you need to consider the warranty aspect, too. The warranty on a US-bought iPhone may not be valid in India.


I hope this blog post has answered few of the questions you have (or had) and that you can now make an informed decision on whether to buy the iPhone 6S in the US or India.


Good luck with your phone hunt. I wish you a speedy road to ownership of the world’s most-loved phone!

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iPhone 6s 64GB Rose Gold price – $898 Shipped to you in select cities in India*

Apple iPhone 6S is scheduled to be available in the US starting from September 25. However, the release date is not set for many countries such as India. As a result, shoppers in those countries will not be able to get their hands on this device on September 25.

However, you don’t need to be disappointed! At ManyShip, our travelers are getting ready to personally carry and deliver it to you – all for a total price starting from $898.00*. We will be publishing more details about the pricing, availability and dates soon. If you have questions, please post them in the comments section below and we will answer them as quickly as possible.


In the mean time, check out few pictures of the product and other products that you can get delivered via ManyShip.

New iPhone 6S








Check out few existing iPhone deals on ManyShip:
Apple iPhone 6 64GB – $864.95*
Apple iPhone 6 Plus – $939.99*

ManyShip Team

* – Price may vary. You may have to pay for the customs duty tax at the time of delivery of the product in your home town.

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Whether you are planning your dream honeymoon or an exciting couple escapade, there are endless travel options to suit your taste. So here we give you top 5 romantic destinations for an amazing getaway with your loved one.

“I want to travel the world with two things on my hand- a camera on one and your hand on my other.”

So, wait not! Just pack your bags and get all set to leave for some of the best destinations we bring to you. Here you go!

  1. The Greek Islands

Best Honeymoon Destinations Greek

 This is the best combination of a perfect sandy beach, magnificent sunset view and typical traditional waterside.  So yes, it has an irresistible appeal. A place you don’t want to miss for sure!

2.    Burgh Island, UK

Best Honeymoon Destinations Burgh

 This picturesque island is away from the mainland in its own world of high tide. Not to forget, swimming in the sea in the evening, exploring local food and a walk under the stars is something your loved one will admire the most.  Adding to this is the hotel associated with old-fashioned glamour with an amazing pint in the old “smugglers” pub.

 3.    Rajasthan, India

Best Honeymoon Destinations Rajasthan

Who would not want to visit this exquisite and historical state and one of the most exotic places in India? Those romantic cosy camel rides in Jaipur to the old cultured town of Jodhpur, to the beauty of the desert city of Jaisalmer and the blue sea of Udaipur, Rajasthan encapsulates beauty that one cannot avoid visiting. It is indeed an epitome of love.

 4.    Patagonia, Argentina.

 Best Honeymoon Destinations Patagonia

The romantic adventure is the thing about this place! From the wonder of the Glacier Perito Moreno to the beautiful peaks of the Fitz Roy massif to animals from whales, penguins and elephant &  seals, Patagonia is a must visit place as it makes you a feel as though you are on the top of the world.

5. Paris

Best Honeymoon Destinations Paris

When we talk about romance, the first place that comes to our mind is Paris, isn’t it? Romance is so intimately intertwined with drinking and dining that Paris could beat most cities in the world on its culinary heritage alone.

These places have energy to tickle the senses of even an unromantic person and make him romantic. So try visiting these places with your loved ones and share your most romantic moments with us in the comment box.

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Get iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in India

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iPhone6 iPhone 6 Plus

ManyShip is a trusted platform for senders, receivers and travelers that enables members to buy things from anywhere in the world and get them delivered to their door. As a sender or receiver you buy things at an online store and find a traveler who can bring them to your door. As a traveler you earn money by safely carrying things for other members. Shopping and shipping things across the globe is quick, cost-effective and easy with ManyShip. Learn more about ManyShip and see how much you can earn while traveling or save on shipping.

The much awaited Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are here. According to Apple more than 10 million of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models have already been sold – and that too just in the first three days. These phones drew more than 4 million pre-orders on Sep 12 and analysts predicted that 10 million phones would be sold over the first weekend of the release.

In US the contract-free iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus start at $649 for 16GB (approx. INR 39,000) and $749 (approx. INR 45,000) for 16GB respectively. According to initial reports from Apple the latest version iPhones would be available in India around the end of this year and the prices may be higher than the prices in the US.

However, if you want to get the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus now signup for ManyShip and get it through a traveler coming to India.


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Make your Air Tickets Cheaper – up to 50%

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With ManyShip you can earn money as you travel and in turn cut down on the cost of your air ticket – by up to 50%. Your air travel becomes cheaper as you carry things for other people. As always, in our endeavor to make life better for our members, we have now added a calculator that you can use to estimate your earnings potential. Read on.

How much can you earn?
Let’s imagine Rohan is traveling from Seattle to Bangalore and he can carry up to 50 lbs. He simply inputs the starting city, destination city and the total weight and finds out that his total earnings may be up to $500. That’s right! That’s a whopping $500, which is almost 50% of the ticket price*. The average price of $10 is calculated based on an algorithm that takes into account the current demand and supply, the price offerings of traditional shipping companies and other relevant factors.
Cheap air ticket to India by carrying things for other members on ManyShip
Fig 1: Rohan may earn up to $500 when he carries 50 lbs from Seattle to Bangalore

Now let’s assume that Zhang is traveling to Beijing and he has space to carry up to 50 lbs. He could calculate his earnings potential by simply entering the starting city, destination city and weight he could carry. In his case the earnings potential as shown in Fig 2 below is $450, which is almost 50% of the ticket price*.
Cheap air ticket to China by carrying things for other members on ManyShipFig 2: Zhang may earn up to $450 when he carries 50 lbs from Seattle to Beijing

Any person who is traveling to anywhere in the world has an opportunity to earn using ManyShip. For instance, Helen may earn up to $350 on her travel to London from Seattle and save up to 50% on her air ticket**. As shown in Fig 3 below, the average price per lb is $7.
Cheap air ticket to London by carrying things for other members on ManyShipFig 3: Helen may earn up to $350 when she carries 50 lbs from Seattle to London

In 5 seconds or less you can estimate your earnings. It is extremely simple.

So, why wait? Calculate your earnings potential, start earning and make your air ticket cheaper using ManyShip.

* Based on a sample one way air fare of approximately $1000 between the two cities;
** Based on a sample one way air fare of approximately $700 between the two cities;

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International Shipping – A Happy Customer Shares his Experience

“Pipe dreams can come true” says Karan, who has been hunting for a great pair of eyeglasses for a long time and with ManyShip his dream has come true.

It all started one day when he stumbled upon a pair of glasses at an online store. He fell in love with them instantly and wanted to buy them. However, the store did not ship internationally.

“Long story cut short, shipped is the very keyword that landed me on the website of ManyShip,” says Karan who discovered about us when he was trying to find a way to get his eyeglasses shipped.

We were really excited when Karan wrote a wonderful article about how he made his dream of owning perfect glasses come true. Below is the picture of his longtime dream – a pair of D&G frames (Karan ended up buying just the frames).Internationally shipped frames

Read the entire article below.

Pipe dreams can come true! Yes, the dreams have indeed come true for a person entranced with the desire to find the best pair of glasses. After hunting through the web for a pair of glasses I finally found the one that I was looking for, but the joy was cut short when I discovered that they were not available anywhere in my country.

When you wish for something, you have to work for it and I was no different. The quest began, and I started to look for ways to get the frames shipped.

Long story cut short, shipped is the very keyword that landed me on the website of ManyShip and to my surprise it promised to ship anything (that is legally transportable) from anywhere to everywhere via travelers. All I needed was to post a request on their website and pay for the shipment, and the rest was taken care of by the ever present ManyShip team.

It will be an understatement to say that the ManyShip team was helpful! They diligently communicated with me and the traveler to ensure safe and on time delivery of my frames. I must admit that the support from them has been extraordinary. As they say – save your best for the last, and the best part of the story is yet to be told. ManyShip enables travelers to earn money simply by sharing the space in their bags and carrying items. Yes you heard it right – you may carry items while you travel and get paid.

Needless to say, the idea behind ManyShip has been a revolution. For anyone looking to deal with ManyShip in the future, their support team works like a family and now that I have my frames, I can call myself a happy ‘ManyShipper’!! :)”

Thanks for sharing a wonderful article, Karan, and enjoy the new frames.

ManyShip is a trusted peer-to-peer network of travelers and senders. Senders buy things online and get them shipped with the travelers. ManyShip enables fast and cheap international shipping.
Disclaimer: Names of people in this article have been changed to protect their privacy.

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International Shipping using ManyShip – TheTechIndian writes about ManyShip

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ManyShip featured in a premier tech blog

thetechindian.com logo
According to a recent blog post by a premier tech blog in India, TheTechIndian, ManyShip enables it’s members to ship things internationally with people traveling that way.

In the past few months ManyShip has seen a lot of coverage in the press.  TheTechIndian focused on how we are enabling electronic-gadget lovers in India to ship their favorite goods from US to India.  The blog post says that

Indians are no strangers to getting fancy items from foreign countries, especially from the US. Travelers return from trips from the US with bursting bags full of gifts for family and friends. It is not only the low price of the gifts, but also their availability in US stores only that attracts buyers to buy the foreign goods.

The article talks about how someone in India could purchase an iPhone 5 in the US stores and conveniently get it shipped to their place with people who plan on traveling that way . The buyer gets the electronic gadget of their choice, the iPhone 5, and the traveler makes additional money during their travel. It is a win-win for both the buyers and the travelers.

The article further highlights on the safety of such a transaction. It says

ManyShip has built many features such as public-profiles, rating and reviews, secure payments and responsive customer service to make the platform safe for conducting transactions (find the complete list of safety features here). Some common sense and due diligence will go a long way and you can truly unleash the power of this community to shop and ship from anywhere in the world.

Read the full article here: Silicon Valley tech startup enables you to ship things internationally with people like you

ManyShip is a website for people to provide or seek shipping services. It is a “peer to peer shipping platform” that connects people needing to send or receive things (“senders”) with travelers who have extra space (“takers”). The result is simple, faster, greener, social and cost-effective shipping for senders, and rewards (both monetary and social) for takers.

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User Feedback – Naresh A from San Jose, California

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Naresh's feedback
We love hearing your feedback – either good or bad. Though we are more interested in hearing what is missing and what features you would like to have in the product, occasionally we would be glad to hear good things. Here’s Naresh’s feedback about what we do good. We sincerely thank him for his time and valuable insights.

ManyShip is one of those sites where you can surely help others and make some money for yourself at the same time, a combo effect that is absolutely amazing.

Few aspects of ManyShip that caught my attention are:

1. Manyship site is designed with users in mind. So it is very user friendly. Moreover, the purpose of the site is very well illustrated in a short video that you can find on the very first page. (I suggest every user to watch the video before getting started)

2. Registration is extremely easy – you can register using Facebook, so you don’t have to spend time filling up your personal details.

3. One great feature I found was to view the “trust score”. You can view the score with the other person who is placing an order. You can take the score into consideration and decide whether to accept the order or deny it.

4. Another question that can come up is:
a. Whether the items that I accept to carry are safe?
b. Whether the items are legal to carry?

The answer to these questions is “Yes”. All the items that user will carry and deliver are absolutely safe and legal, because user gets a chance to personally review the items that he would carry & deliver, by unpacking and re-packing them!

5. You can refer your friends and get rewarded for referrals too! Yes it proves its worth again..!!

In summary, I personally recommend every user out there, who is making a trip to sign-up with Manyship and to make the most out of their trip. It makes travelling more beneficial.

Here is my referral link – https://www.manyship.com/h/Naresh-AR/
Please Go ahead and click on the aforementioned link and sign up.

Last but not the least, thanks to Prasad Kopanati, the founder of Manyship, for coming up with such a fresh and brilliant idea. Wish you luck.

-Naresh R A
(ManyShip user)


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What is ManyShip?

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ManyShip is an online community of trusted travelers and senders

At ManyShip, we make sending or receiving things to or from your loved ones simple, cost-effective, quick, reliable, safe and personal.

Let’s say you have a pair of jeans to send to your family back home. You can use the traditional shipping companies such as USPS to send them. You will most likely pay more and wait for a longer period of time to receive the jeans.

Jeans and money

On the other hand, on ManyShip you can find someone who is traveling to the same place and request them to carry your things. You get personalized and fast shipping for low price. ManyShip has various features, as described here, to make the transaction safe and secure. By simply using common sense and doing your due diligence, you can use ManyShip to send or receive things quickly, less expensively, reliably, safely and personally.

Send or receive things on ManyShip

Check out more on our website –

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